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  Welcome to eSub Online - the Australian Government website enabling electronic submissions for some Indigenous Programs.

For a list of Indigenous programs, please click here.

About this page

  1. Using eSub  - in order to use eSub Online, you need to register to become an online user. To do this, download the eSub Registration form (PDF), complete the details, then fax to the number on the form.
  2. Login - you can  login as an eSub user and download eSub forms.
  3. Introduction Information - links to important introductory information about the electronic submission process i.e Preparing a Submission are provided immediately below.  It is suggested that  you read this information before starting your application.
  4. Downloadable forms are available below they are available in PDF and Word documents versions.

To avoid any problems with this site please use a current version of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Introduction Information

For detailed information about eSub and making funding submissions, see the Introduction. The following links lead to specific topics within that introduction:

  • About eSub includes advice about limitations, including some activities that cannot be part of an eSub submission.

  • Applying for funding includes advice about who is entitled to apply for funding as well as how and when to apply.

  • Preparing a Submission includes advice about the process for providing your submission to us for consideration. You should read this topic before starting, and come back to it when you are ready to send your submission in.

  • Lodging a submission provides advice on what you should do before submitting your Submission.

Form Downloads

The list below includes downloadable versions of the eSub form.

Important Notes:

  • Applicants intending to deliver services in any of the 64 Northern Territory communities

    Organisations which successfully apply to deliver services in any of the 64 Northern Territory communities where the Australian Government holds a five-year lease may need to seek Australian Government approval for the use of land. For a list of the relevant communities and details of the approval process.

  • Community Support Service

    The new Community Support Service will support Indigenous community members and their families by providing links or referrals to a range of mainstream and Indigenous services. Such services might include welfare and social support, family violence, health including drug and alcohol services, housing, child care and legal. The Community Support Service is being established as part of the CDEP reforms and will be available primarily in urban and regional locations with a significant Indigenous population.

    Community Support Service providers are listed on the Department’s website at: List of funded providers.

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