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Shared Responsibility Agreements

Palm Island, Queensland

Our horses, our responsibility

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Shared Responsibility Agreement

Palm Island is home to a large population of horses, and the community wants to learn more about caring for them.

The SRA will provide for the construction of horse yards and purchase of a horse float, and the development of animal-control bylaws.

The Palm Island Aboriginal Shire Council (PIASC) is providing land for the yards and stables and will take up its responsibilities for animal management and welfare, including an animal registration system.

The local CDEP is providing labour for clearing and yard construction. The sports and recreation officer will develop a horse-carers’ training program. Other animal-welfare training options will be explored.

The Australian and Queensland Governments are funding the facilities. The Australian Government is also providing an animal control officer to work with PIASC over the next 12 months to help the council meet its responsibilities under the SRA.

Families and individuals will collect materials for construction and help in building the yards. They will form a horse carers’ group to work with visiting volunteers, train in horse management, commit to improved horse care and ensure that neglect and abuse of the horses are no longer accepted.

This SRA is part of a strategy to build capacity and stability in the Palm Island community.

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Key Facts

Indigenous community on an island NE of Townsville



Focus of the SRA:

Animal welfare

What the SRA provides:

Infrastructure; animal control officer



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