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Shared Responsibility Agreements

Pipalyatjara, South Australia

Providing mechanical services within the community

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Shared Responsibility Agreement

The very remote community of Pipalyatjara needs a mechanic. It houses around 12 families who currently have to travel to Alice Springs to have their vehicles repaired.

Pipalyatjara has signed an SRA that will provide this important service from within the community as well as give young people opportunities to learn a trade.

The Australian Government will fund the upgrade of the existing unused workshop, purchase tools, develop a business plan to ensure the sustainability of the business, and employ a qualified mechanic to set it up.

The community will provide administrative support, oversee management of the garage and provide workshop assistance and trainee mechanics. It will also ensure that the services provided by the mechanic are on a ‘user pays’ basis and that community members do not pressure workshop staff to provide goods or services free of charge.

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Key Facts

Remote Indigenous community on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Lands, 30 km from the corner of the SA, WA and NT borders



Focus of the SRA:

Community services

What the SRA provides:

Mechanical workshop


Port Augusta

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